Drayton Rise and Recline


The Drayton is a made to measure, handmade, single all dual motor rise and recline chair. With a waterfall back and various choice's of wooden knuckles. Various fabric available.


Prices From:

£999.00 (EX V.A.T)




Prices from: £999.00


Offering the perfect combination of comfort and style the Kensington boasts modern and contemporary design with opulent and comfortable cushioning on both the back and the arms. The controls are integrated into the arms of the chair, ensuring ease of use while complementing your standard living room furniture.



Langfield Price: £1,399.00


Available as either a rise & recline chair or a powered recliner the Langfield chair sits within the Langfield and Erringden ranges with its sleek, double vent back cushion and elegant arm. Available in Standard and Short Sit sizes The power recliner has an exceptionally smooth and quiet reclining operation, which is multi-positional and an elevated footrest height for better circulation and comfort. The Vale Bridgecraft power recliners are 'zero wall' systems, allowing them to be placed very close to the wall even when fully reclined. The battery operated option for these recliners allows total freedom from trailing wires and allows the chair to be positioned anywhere - facing the TV, opposite a lovely view or even on a deck or patio. A simple overnight charge will enable the battery to operate the chair for up to a month with normal useage.




Prices From:




Prices From:




Prices From:


The design incorporates a multi-positional reclining mechanism, helping you to lower more easily into, and rise out of, this extremely comfortable chair. The chair operates via a simple hand-set which is kept tidily in a side pocket. All are available in three sizes and come with a choice of fabric. These rise and reclines are avaliable with a single or dual motor.





Single motor/ dual motor.

Three different sizes available.

Large range of fabric/leather.

Choice of knuckle colour.


Price from: £899.00 (ex v.a.t)


5 year warranty

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